exTrack – Very Very Short

Call for projects (IDFA DocLab, NFB, Arte)
Role :  Concept, UI & UX design, tender drafting
Tool : Illustrator, Photoshop
Date : April 2017

Developing mobile and interactive experiences that are funny, moving, engaging or thought-provoking. For this edition, the theme was the mobile world.

The rules :
– 60-seconds experience.
– about mobility and demonstrates it through the use of smartphone features.
– works in a mobile browser, no native apps.
– brings personal and social media data into the story.
– interacts with users intuitively. We don’t need a navigation menu.
– not a film.
– uses sound.
– accessible to an international audience.
– own or have had all rights released on all creative and technical assets.
– break one of the creative rules (4 to 8) and explain why.

exTrack is an application that translate visual extracts of our environment into a little piece of music and moving abstract shapes. I imagined the concept with the help of a sound designer, designed the app and drafted the whole tender.

I worked on this project with Aristide Hersant-Prévert, sound designer and composer.