J360, public markets platform | Datavisualisation

School project
Role : Datavisualisation, UI/UX design
Tool : Illustrator
Date : March – June 2018

J360 is a public markets platform specialised in tailor-made research. They partnered with our class to explore innovative ways of searching for and visualising the data of public markets, responding to them, teaming up with other respondents.

Each student worked on a specific side of the website.
My task was to work on the public markets presentation pages (working as “product” pages).
Most of the work was dedicated to UX improvement.

Concept 1 – Fishing for collaborators

This concept was based on the metaphor of the bottle tossed into the sea to find help. The aim was to illustrate how users can request a collaboration in order to respond to a contract.

Concept 2 – Evaluate the market and position the business

A data visualization to display the different available markets fitting the user fields of work and preferences.

Concept 3 – Finding the right tender

The chosen concept was a customizable market page allowing the user to find the right information in order to decide whether or not to respond to the market.
The user can arrange the page according to their preferences.
The aim was to make the information clearer, flexible and targeted.