Klogskabet, Det digitale i det fysiske | Library installation

Role : UI & UX design, management, print
Tool : Illustrator, Photoshop
Date : September 2017 – January 2018

Libraries are thought of as places for books, but in fact the vast majority of materials available through Danish public libraries is digital. Danish citizens can access this wealth of information and content services, from e-books and online versions of magazines to streaming feature films, completely free – but most don’t know it.
Det digitale i det fysiske (The Digital in the Physical) is a national public library project exploring ways of making library users aware of the many digital offerings. Multiple municipal libraries have each set up their own projects to design and develop experiences that reveal their digital content in the physical space of the libraries. YOKE has been involved in several of these projects, acting as process facilitator, consultant, and developer.

For Ballerup Library, we created Klogskabet: a highly functional and modular design for presenting and exploring a theme, by drawing on the library’s digital content. The design comprises furniture pieces that can be freely arranged, electronic and interactive modules that can be mounted in said furniture, software for the interactive experiences and a content management system. The design was created with the express purpose of allowing the libraries to build their own, add new modules, and continue developing the concept.

Among the interactive elements in Klogskabet are an audio player, touchscreens that can display galleries, timelines and quizzes, and a receipt printer. The “receipt” contains instructions for how the library user can access the library’s many services from home.

I was in charge of the UI and UX of Klogskabet touchscreens and I worked on the visual elements placed on the furniture from conception to realisation (choice of materials, artistic direction, functional tests, installation). I was also involved in the management of the project.