Retr0neiric Journey | Video game

School project
Role : Concept, artistic direction, UI and graphic design
Tool : Unity, Photoshop, 3DS Max
Date : May 2017

Retr0neiric Journey is a virtual arcade game that plunges you into a wistful dream.
The principle is simple: in your sleep, you’re flying a chrome plated glider and you have to find all of the floppy disks containing your childhood memories in order to be able to wake up. The dream takes place in a retro synthwave inspired landscape, chaotic and filled with fragments from the past. You can also simply wander in the meanders of this scenery which seems to be drawn directly from an 80’s video game.

This is the first real video game we created with Titouan Motreuil and we aim to make it better by improving the gameplay and creating different levels to release it this summer.